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Have your AGM, conference or event streamed live to an audience anywhere in the world
TV Show/Series
We lend our services, equipment and even manpower to realize your dreams.
You’ll be pleased to hear that you will deal with the same team from draft to delivery.

Your Moments, Our Passion

Sodecom-Africa is one of the leading production Uniqueness that delivers the finest works in the country..

We specialize in delivering professional videos for all your special occasions. As one of the leading production outfit in Nigeria, we capture and produce the finest motion masterpieces with passion. Events are captured with attention to detail.

Live and recorded studio production is an important part of any broadcast output but is increasingly playing a bigger role in corporate productions. Sodecom-Africa is uniquely placed to meet all your requirements, from a single camera one-to-one live interview to a large scale multi-camera production for all kind of events, production, interviews, studio base programmes etc.

We are available for you to plan, call us today and lets do the business together.




Security cameras enable business owners and managers to keep an eye on activities that they would not normally be able to keep track of. In a store, cameras may be placed at strategic vantage points to monitor customer activity and deter theft. Cameras might also be installed in critical employee areas to keep workers honest. General examples of key locations for cameras include

  • Parking lots
  • At each entry and exit
  • At certain places on a retail store floor
  • In the business offices
  • In a vault
  • In the breakroom
  • In a reception area

The highest priority at any place of business is protecting its people and assets. Protecting people means not only regular employees but also any visitors: clients, customers, consultants, inspectors, sales representatives, and so on. Think of Sodecom Africa when it comes to security. Read more...


Why Choose LiveWatch

LiveWatch creates simple and affordable security solutions that empower you to protect your home no matter where you are. Feel safe knowing you can peek into your home and monitor activity on your property at any time.

Low Monthly Rate

No-Long Term Contracts

Full suite of smart services

Easy Installation

#1 ranked customer service to help you meet your safety needs


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Stage is getting set for SDC 2016 Production fair, is an open Platform for all interested companies around the world to show interest. For sponsorship mail us at Read more...