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Have your AGM, conference or event streamed live to an audience anywhere in the world
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We lend our services, equipment and even manpower to realize your dreams.
You’ll be pleased to hear that you will deal with the same team from draft to delivery.

MISTURA OLAIDE & AZEEZ ADEGOKE Traditional Wedding, Nikkah & Reception

LIVE FROM: The Ark Event Centre, Lekki, Lagos. - Nigeria (26th July, 2015)

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Live Event Streaming

Live events - from conferences to concerts - are huge operational challenges. Broadcasting your event over the web should add to your audience, not your hassles.
With Sodecom-Africa, you can use any - or all - of our strategically-located SuperPOPs as broadcast nodes, bringing your live stream to within milliseconds of more than 95% of the world's broadband users. This means your event is delivered to your customers intact, in real time, and at the best quality their connection allows.
Our network has successfully delivered hugely popular live events from Government functioning, political campaign, conferences, corporate events and even weddings.
With our live event delivery services, you can be sure that regardless of their device, location, or connection speed, your fans will be there, experiencing your event in all its high-fidelity glory. If they're in London, Japan, United State, Malaysia, Dubai, any part of the world they'll automatically get the live stream from a server directly connected to their ISP. This means you can completely bypass the congested public internet and give users an instant-on experience, just as if they were standing there in front of you.
For many live events, security is critical. Whether you need to ensure that only paid viewers get access, or make sure your event isn't copied by bad guys, our live event solutions include world-class security services that prevent theft and give you full control over who gets in.
Last but not least, understanding your audience and their experience is very important and we will provide you the platform to communicate with your viewers at the other end.
There's really one way to bring your live event to the world without worrying about user experience, security, or finding yourself in the dark: Sodecom-Africa. We'll make sure you look good.

  1. Live event streaming. Have your AGM, conference or event streamed live to an audience anywhere in the world (password protection can be used so only those you choose can log on). Sodecom-Africa  has the capability to run your slideshow presentation alongside your live stream. This allows your online audience to view exactly the same as those in attendance.
  2. We can produce your content for you. With a full HD broadcast kit and years’ of TV broadcasting experience, we can film your event to HDTV quality standards.
  3. Multiple viewing platforms. Able to sychronise your content across the web, to smart phones and tablet devices.
  4. Video on Demand. Our basic package allows up to a million plus simultaneous views per video.
  5. Synchronised and simultaneous distribution. Any audio, visual and/or print based information can be sent to all media platforms including laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile, smart TVs and social media including YouTube, Facebook & Twitter.
  6. Outside broadcast capability. Having an outdoor event? We can film it, edit it and distribute it on site.
  7. Full analytics package. You can instantly tell who’s viewed your content, on what device and where in the world they are.

Video Production

We are involved in various forms of video production on multiple platforms. These are rest of the video making that fulfill our creative hunger:

1. Corporate presentation
2. Documentary films
3. Training film
4. Company profile
5. Marketing Videos
6. Branding Films
7. Promotional Film
8. Celebration film

9. Event Collaterals
10. Trade Show Film
11. Product DemoFilm
12. Presentation films
13. Short films
14. Animations and walkthroughs
15. Motion graphics film
16. Audio Visuals



TV Commercials

Sodecom-Africa dedicated team of film professionals provides a full-fledged service for producing TV commercials. We work with experienced ad agencies and PR firms to execute their TV commercial production concepts into memorable advertising spots.

Sodecom-Africa production team includes professional film school qualified in-house crew as well as a stable of leading international directors, cameramen, and technical staff. While we are based in Abuja we provide services throughout the region. We travel and have experience in filming in various locations throughout the Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We go to any location in the world where our clients need us to go and the projects warrant it

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